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Who’s In Control?

In my space or His

Taking my pace or His

Walking my walk or His

Talking my talk or His

The answer to these tell if you are going anywhere or nowhere


Decisions, Decisions

God does not use windows and back-doors.  Wait on Him to open the front door.

Wait on the Lord.

Choose to Obey

When you do not obey … YOU have CHOSEN to DISobey!

Act Like the Parent

BE the parent.  Make the word “parent” a verb.  Show Action, Take Action.  Take Control.  Be IN Control.  Children Are NOT to Be in Charge!


God Does Not Need Your Ability, just your AVAILability!


Money can buy a mighty fine dog, but it takes LOVE to make it wag it’s tail.


In this world of give and take, there are not enough willing to give what it takes.